How to install FROGED in Wordpress/Woocommerce?

If your website is a WordPress or Woocommerce store, you can use our plugin for a very easy installation. 

These are the steps to install it (Less than 5 mins) 💡:

1) Go to the "Plugin" here 🐸. 

2) After installing it, go to the Installed Plugins section, find the Froged plugin on the list and click the Activate link under Froged.

3) The next step is to configure the plugin. Select Settings in Froged > Wokspace info or click here. Copy your Workspace ID (slug) - you can find it in Settings > Wokspace info - and paste it in Wordpress. Make sure the Active is checked and, click on save changes.

You should already see our widget on your website! 

More info at Plugin Page.

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