What are Flows?

FROGED Flows are designed to ease the customer experience by creating a targeted tour of features within your product. They improve onboarding, increase engagement and provide self-serve support that reduces ticket time.

Flows guide users to help them better understand your product and in turn create more points of engagement. The result - a user who sees value in your solution and uses it more frequently.

With that in mind, Flows are your best ally to create a personalized experience for anything from product launches, onboarding or retargeting campaigns for your customers.
With Product Flows, you can:
  • Onboard new customers with multi-page flows that require no code to set up.
  • Personalize flows based on user behavior and actions items you want to guide them to take.
  • Retarget and Re-engage inactive customers by sharing or linking a flow within your product.
  • Provide proactive customer support using video or images as tooltips.
Using FROGED Flows allows you to create a better customer experience reducing time to value while simultaneously building future product champions.

Here some of the main benefits of the flows:
  • Onboarding designed to guide them and take action.
  • Product updates and launches allowing for early adoption.
  • Retargeting inactive users to prevent churn.
  • Proactive customer support empowering users to resolve issues themselves while giving them options to seek alternative solutions.

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