Organizing communications in categories

It is very common that your FROGED accounts is managed by several users, and even teams. In oder to have all your communications (automessages, behavioural emails, flows, etc) well organized, we have some great tips for you.

Example: You have 2 teams using FROGED, the Product Team and the Marketing Team. And both teams have 2 main types of work that they use FROGED for:

  • PRODUCT team:
-Product Tours
-New Features

-New Users

This is a great example of how they could organize their Flows folder:

1. Flow "Name" and "Category" (Step 4 - Status):

  • Name: name of the flow.

Tip: use this format “name1_name2_name3…”. Something simple but self explanatory of what the message/flow/email is about.

  • Category: folder name under which the flow will be saved.

Tip: put first the team name. If you want to add more folders by team, you can specify something extra in brakets (eg. "product tours" "new features").

2. General panel with all Flows:
This is how the categories will appear in the general panel, so users and teams know exactly which ones are the ones they will use.

IMPORTANT! Please note that the same logic applies to Automessages, Behavioural Emails and Email Campaigns 😁
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