Grow Your Audience Organically with a SEO-friendly Knowledge Base
Improving your SEO game and growing your audience in an organic way can be very easy when using the FROGED knowledge base

Our tool allows you to type keywords for your meta tittle and description. 

To do this, once you have your document or article ready to be published, go to its settings and allow indexation. When activated, this is what you'll see:

You also have the possibility to choose the open graph title, description and image for every document or article.

Knowledge base documents can allow you to show off the quality of your product and its amazing functionalities to those who haven't become paying customers just yet. So, to get right to the top of search engines is on you, make sure to choose the right keywords!

Implementing a knowledge base it's a great way to set yourself as the go-to tool in your industry. Don't limit yourself and post articles only about your features and frequently asked questions; you can write articles about relevant information about your industry and your customers industry, and talk about trends in the market.

It's also a great way to give advice and benefits about how to make the most out of your product to your current customers.

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