Flow Use Case: CTA button + Chat message

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You want to promote a new module/feature among your users for which you need to: inform them while making it easier for them to book a demo. For this, a flow can be created to inform them briefly about the news and give them the opportunity to contact you with a predefined message in just one click! Users will have to write nothing to reach you to show interest.

Benefits: open conversations with users in an easy and quick way. The final goal can be commercial (upsells) or just informational (engagement).


Step 1: create the information you want to share with users (Modal):

Create a modal (if you want a tooltip is fine too) as a brief piece of information about what news you want to communicate to your audience. 

Step 2: include a Button (call to action): 

Step 3: configure the button with action “Execute JS Code”

We want to configure that when clicking on the button, a new conversation with your team will open directly in FROGED’s chat (eg. “Speak to Customer Success”). Do it exactly like this:

Froged ('message', 'your text here');

After this is configured and the flow is live, the user will see it and if they click on the CTA button, the configured message will be automatically sent and received within your FROGED Inbox your team can start discussing things with the user:

Additional options - if you want, you can automatically direct this messages to a specific person or group.

For this, you just need to create an inbox Rule as follows:

Go to inbox > Rules > Create new rule:

If you want the messages to assign to a Group instead of just one person, you will need to create the INBOX Group as follows:

First open a new Inbox Group and add general details (name, routing mode and description).

Then select the agent or agents from the list that belong to the group and then set office hours (if required changing) before saving changes:

You’re now done! 🎉🎉🎉

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