#3 Challenge (Your own Startup)
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Welcome to the #3FrogedChallenge

Remember: Here you can find the solutions to the #1 Challenge (Netflix Engagement) and #2 Challenge (Dropbox Convert) 

In our last challenge you have a communication problem.

Your Startup is getting a lot of customers each day and of course, you're happy about that,


You're receiving hundreds of questions in the live chat. 

Even you have hired two interns to try to solve that but is not enough to cover the support

CHALLENGE: How could you reduce the volume of questions without losing clients? 🤔

SOLUTION: Setting up a Knowledge Base to your website/platform

Do you know Canva? 

Of course, you do

They have over 15 million monthly active users 😲

And they had the same problem that your startup, they can't offer live support to 15 million users...

The solution for them was easy, creating a Knowledge base where show the relevant content, FAQs and all the necessary to offer a self-support service.

But, how to create a knowledge base?

It's pretty simple using Froged 

1) Select the pages where you'll need the widget

Left Menu >> Settings >> Widget Settings

In the Visibility, select the URLs where the widget will be showed

2) Go to Support >> Knowledge Base to start to create documents

Create your folders and documents, add images, gifs and videos to make it visual

With this feature, you'll decrease up to 60% the number of questions without losing customers.

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