Customize Your Widget

Now that you are all set up, you may start customizing the app according to your corporate colors. To do this, click on the Edit icon, this will redirect you to the Settings screen.

Once you're on this section, you can change the name and logo. On the left side of the screen, you will have the different changes and actions that you can carry out within the app.

By clicking on the settings button, you can find all the different options that you can choose between to modify the platform and customize the appearance of your widget:
  • Main Color: The main color of our Widget can be changed. For your convenience, you can enter the color code if available.
  • Accent color: Secondary color.
  • Bubble Color: The color of the bubble can also be modified.
  • Default language: The main language your widget will be in. You can modify it so it appears in a different language. Click here to find how to do it:  How to Translate your Messages  
  • Logo Layout: show your logo on the widget or just simple text.
  • Logo Image: Image shown on the Logo Layout.
  • Module Documents: Visibility of the Documents.
  • Module Updates: Updates visibility.
  • Widget Position: Setting the bubble's position.
  • Bubble visibility: It'll give the option to show the bubble on your website. If it doesn't show up, you can do it through a SDK code.
  • Ask for Mail: Depending on the settings, an user might be asked for a contact email when communicating via chat.
You may change the frequency of the Ask for Mail option to: Always, No Online Agents or Never. When setting the frequency on Always, this will happen every time a visitor starts a new conversation and; when setting it on No Online Agents, this will only happen when there aren't any agents online.
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