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Don't Panic.
It's the first helpful or intelligible thing anybody's said to me all day.”

👉 At FROGED we have three main data origins: contact, accounts and events.

A contact is a user. They have and email, name and other attributes set by default on FROGED. You can set up more attributes that could be useful by your SaaS. When a contact interacts with your platform, he produces an Event.

A contact also could be related to one, several o any accounts. An account is like an upper level to contacts, allowing you to search, filter, and communicate proactively with users depending on the accounts they belong to.

These three types of data have attributes:
Attributes are characteristics and properties about your users that you can track, either automatically or manually. These attributes allow detailed monitoring of what your users are doing on your app and provide relevant information for making decisions, improving your sales, or segmenting the audience before sending communications out (automessages, flows, emails, etc).

❗ Note: most of the times you’ll be using conttact attributtes, so remember rule #1 Don’t panic.

At last, you need to know that you can use tags. 
Tags are a piece of information that you can assign to any contact, accounts, or conversation to show that information easily and intuitively. Tags are used to manually characterize contacts or accounts.

You should use segments if you need to assign tags based on certain conditions (related to attributes or events produced in your platform). With segments you can group users by criteria such as attributes or events, and they will be really useful for communicating with your customers personally and automatically.

If you have come this far, congratulations. I also leave you a summary table with all the concepts (The cheat sheet for FROGED) and the FROGED Worskpace definiton, a Notion template so that you can define the contact attributes, accounts, events, tags and segments with your team.

Now you have all the basis!

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