How To Change Your Email
To modify your email for your FROGED account, you need to invite a new agent with the new email.

To do this, go to Settings > Agents and click on + Invite agent located on the top right corner. Then, just add the new email address you want to have.

You will receive an email with an activation key and a link

Before you click on the activation link on your email, log out your account (the one that has the email you want to modify). Now, you can go to your email to activate your new account

This will redirect you to a screen where you can set up a new profile by filling in a name and a password.

The last step is to go to Settings > Agents  and delete the account that has the email you no longer want.

In case you are the admin of the FROGED workspace, you will need to log out of your new account and go back to your old account (log into the account that has the email you want to change). Then, transfer the workspace to your new account so its becomes the administrator again. Don't forget to delete the account you no longer need.
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