#2 Challenge (Dropbox Convert)
Hi 👋!

Welcome to the #2FrogedChallenge

Today you'll be the Head of Marketing at Dropbox 🙌

You have detected that after 30 secs in your "Plans Page" your visitors leave the site...

You lose the 68% of your visitors after 30 secs 😨

CHALLENGE: How could you reduce the bounce rate on this page and convert more visitors into customers? 🤔

SOLUTION: You have detected that after 30 secs you lose a lot of customers...

✨ So we are going to implement an automated message before that big drop to offer support and try to covert the visitor into a lead ✨

But... How to do it?

1) We're going to create an automessage, you'll find this feature in the "Engage" tools: 

2) We already know that we have high users drop after 30 secs, so we'll select the page that we need to improve ( and where will be shown the automessage and the moment...

Of course, before the users drop.

3) After, we'll select the conditions 

As you see, it's super easy to segment and create audiences to send the right message at the right moment

4) Select the format and the message

Messages examples to generate conversations or convert leads

5) That's it! You have resolved the bounce rate problem and now you're getting hundreds of leads each day 🙌

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