So let's go!

These are the first leaps to set up Froged properly.

1. Creation of FROGED account
If you haven’t created a FROGED account yet, register here as an admin user and create your own workspace.

2. Subscription activation    

Once your “Free Trial” period ends, it is necessary to select a paid plan to continue using FROGED. For this, you need to introduce a card number for the payment of the desired subscription (plan and periodicity - annual or monthly).

Go to Settings > Billing and do the following:

-Select purchased plan under “Change your plan here”

-Introduce a card number for upcoming payments (monthly or annually) under Payment method

Once done, please inform FROGED team so we verify that everything is ok. 

3. Complete installation
Here’s the documentation to install FROGED with a script . It will only take a few minutes and you only need to read the instructions. 
But if you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Important! Install the script and the SET, since SET is what makes that every timregister a new person registers:
  • They register in your app and the contact gets created in FROGED too
  • The information of your users is always updated (automatically)
You’ll find all the relevant information here, under the section “SET”: SDK Javascript

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Have any questions or doubts? Please contact us through our Support Chat. Thanks and enjoy FROGED!

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