#1 Challenge (Netflix Engagement)
Today you'll be the Customer Success Manager at Netflix 🙌

You receive thousands and thousands of users each day...

But Houston... You have a problem 😨

The CEO tells you that you have to increase the retention and the MRR

CHALLENGE: How could you offer relevant content to all these users and increase the MRR? 🤔 

SOLUTION: ✨ Offering relevant content based on your customer behavior

Hi, this is Jesus and I'll be your personal assistant to solve this problem (Remember that you're the VP of Customer Success)

We are going to implement different segments to separate users based on the content that they like.

1) Find an amazing tool to do that... I have the solution boss! 🙌 

2) Inside Froged we'll create an attribute with the movie preferences of our users 

e.g. Action, Suspense, Sci-Fi

Let's see an example:

3) Once created, we'll need to request to our tech team to insert this code to follow the people who match the attribute. 

Don't worry it's super simple to insert and you won't need more than 2 minutes of your tech team.

4) Now you'll be able to see the users that match the conditions in the contacts area

5) To finish, we'll create an email campaign to send content related to action movies in this segment. We can replicate the same campaign to people how likes Sci-Fi and Suspense movies. 

6) We just need to open email campaigns >> Create and select the audience

That's it! We have solved the problem and we are offering relevant content to each user based on their preferences.
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